Five Healthy Travel Snacks to Always Pack

Who loves snacks? I sure do. During a busy travel month, it can be hard to find delicious and healthy snacks on the go. I always pack my own to guarantee a quick and healthy snack is available for when I travel.


Whether I am headed to the airport or making a long car ride, you will always find these snacks in my purse ready to go. These are my top five go-to items that I always keep on hand. All of my snacks are Whole30 compliant, but I wouldn’t recommend snacking on them during a round of Whole30. It can be easy to fall into the snacking trap instead of sticking to consistent meals with protein and vegetables.

These snacks can fit in any bag and come in handy for a long trip. You may not find these in any airport, so plan in advance and make sure to pack your purse with fuel.

Georgia Grinder Almond Butter

I am a Georgia gal, and I love this almond butter. You can purchase at any local Whole Foods. They have travel packets available in packs of 10. Grab a banana or apple in the airport and enjoy. I love this brand, because not only is it local, but it is so creamy. I don’t like crunchy nut butter. This has the consistency of peanut butter, which I love.

Georgia Grinders Almond Butter

That’s It Fruit Bars

Although these are technically Whole30 approved, I don’t recommend a lot of fruit during a typical round. They are a sugar trap, but these are perfect during food freedom. I love the taste, and there are so many varieties. I find these at Trader Joe’s and Target. I also can always find these at a Starbucks store in the airport or on the road. They are so tasty and perfect for breakfast on the go. My favorite flavor is mango and apple.

That’s It Fruit Bars


I love snacking on these during travel. I usually buy a large bag at Target to take with me during my trips. The bag is large, so you can pack a few in a to-go container to save on space. You can also find them at any convenient store on the road or store at the airport. I find them very expensive on the road, so I usually stock up in advance. On a hectic travel day, the last thing I want to do is peel shells off pistachios. I get the Wonderful brand sheeled nuts at Target and they are amazing.

Shelled Pistachios

Epic Bars

These are perfect protein bars. I usually find them at Trader Joe’s, and I love the chicken sriracha flavor. These are so filling. I crave protein when I travel, and these bars are perfect and filling. They do have a lot of sodium, so I like to hydrate when I eat them. They are a great snack on the go. I usually have 3-5 in my purse and on hand for long trips.

Epic Bar Varieties

RBar Energy

Not to be confused with RX Bars, these are amazing. RBars are each made with only three to seven ingredients, nothing else. They are fruit and date bars, and so delicious. I am not a big fan of RX Bars (sorry guys), but I love the consistency of these bars. They blend the ingredients together making it more like a cookie dough consistency. You can buy them directly from the RBar website, or through Amazon.

You can’t find them in any stores, so you will need to plan ahead. I promise you will not be disappointed. You have to try these. My favorite flavor is the lemon poppy seed bar. I recommend the variety pack to see which flavors you like best. The peanut butter and jelly flavor is also delicious if you aren’t doing a Whole30.

Rbar Energy

Enjoy and healthy travels!

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