Que viva España!

Spain in the summer. There is nothing sweater. Tapas, cava, and all the love. Spain is known for its food, Flamenco music and dance, siesta, bullfights, architecture, and Mediterranean beaches. It didn’t disappoint. Here are a few travel tips and tricks to make your next vacation to Spain a delight.


We started our trip in southern Spain. Traveling through southern Spain is an adventure you won’t soon forget, as the region is rich in culture and beautiful sights. The cities of southern Spain will enchant you, while the beaches offer a relaxing place to unwind. Sevilla (or Seville) was one of our favorite European cities. Seville is often referred to as one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and we agree. Most folks travel to the northern region of Spain when visiting the country. However, you can’t go to Spain without visiting Sevilla. It is a perfect town that offers the delicate southern region culture.

It is also a short ferry ride to Morocco. We spent a day in Morocco exploring (and riding camels…fun!). We highly recommend doubling your Spain trip with a trip to Morocco.

Costa Brava

The next stop on our trip brought us to an amazing hotel in Costa Brava. As frequent Europe travelers, one of our favorite things to do mid-trip is stop at a beach-front hotel to relax. Nothing beats the Mediterranean Sea in the summer. Hotel Santa Marta is a 5-star Hotel in Costa Brava. A hiding place of peace in the Mediterranean forest in front of Santa Cristina Beach. We enjoyed our mid-trip stop here for a few days. It was amazing. We never left the resort throughout our stay, and we are itching to get back there as soon as we can. The views, food, and service were superb. We highly recommend Hotel Santa Marta for a relaxing location off the coast of Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar.

  • Hotel: Santa Marta Hotel
  • Restaurants: We ate every meal at the resort, and the food was a highlight on our trip. Check out the many gastronomy options. I highly recommend any of the fresh caught daily seafood.


We ended our trip in Barcelona. Barcelona is a fantastic holiday destination. It’s one of the top travel destinations for a good reason. You’ll love the food, architecture, and the overall atmosphere of the city. Known for Gaudi’s intricate and unique structures, it makes the perfect trip to Spain complete.

It was nice to end our trip in Barcelona to save money on flights home. Barcelona also has great direct flights to almost every major city in the states. We enjoyed the seaside town and exploring the history and highlights of the city.

  • Hotel: H10 Cubik – This hotel offered an amazing rooftop pool. Barcelona in the summer is very hot, and the pool was a great way to cool off while enjoying the beautiful view of the Basílica de la Sagrada Família.
  • Tours: Bike Tour of Gothic Quarter; Barcelona Highlights & Montserrat (a must see area); La Boqueria Market and Food Tour. You can also spend a day traveling on your own to see Gaudi’s architecture. We highly recommend a day dedicated to just that, and don’t miss the Gaudi home museum.
  • Restaurants: One of our favorite restaurants throughout our entire trip was Restaurante Mano Rota. With a chef’s tasting menu each night, it offers amazing food and tapas. You have to try the steak tartar, it was delightful. Other restaurants to try are Bodega La Punctual and Fismuler. Spain is known for Iberico Ham. Fresh acorn-fed black label ham cannot be beat in Spain as a nice mid-day tapa.

Spain left us filled with so much joy. It was a great start to the summer, and a perfect escape to enjoy amazing cities, food, and architecture. Spain offers so much culture that is unlike any other European city. You don’t want to miss España!

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