A Blog was Born

Six months ago, I laid in bed tossing and turning. I couldn’t shut my brain off (this is a frequent occurrence). My mind wonders from business ideas, to décor, to my next vacation all in a day’s time. One moment I can go from creating a business plan for a new product that I thought about while driving to work, to trying to pick tile to redesign a bathroom that I don’t even own! I am what a psychologist would call a “maximizer.” I am always thinking, always looking for something new to try, and it can be hard to keep up.I woke my husband up and said, “I am starting a blog.” I needed an outlet to reflect-  to be free – to explore and write about my ideas.It was late on a work night, and my husband quickly said, “Go to sleep and we will talk about it tomorrow.” I didn’t sleep, and we didn’t talk about it the next day. I just started keeping a journal of my thoughts I had throughout the day. I try to see what some may view as a negative (indecisive, non-focused, un-settled) as a positive (big thinker, innovator, trend-setter).When I was younger, I could control my thoughts better. I would have an idea and capitalize on it. As I get older, my ideas are getting bigger, so they are harder to accomplish.

10393743_10100806073763978_2239217846518655617_n (3)
Younger Katie Comer – Probably not thinking about any big ideas here…

Over the past few months, instead of bouncing from idea to idea I wrote my thoughts down. From fashion, to buying real estate, to vacation planning, to DIY projects…I have been writing and thinking. All of these things (the beautiful things that my mind focuses on during the day) are going to be compiled in this blog.You would be surprised how many trips I have planned when my mind wonders…I literally have a travel plan for almost every continent. You will also be surprised at how many home remodel ideas I have drafted in the last six months (this content I am putting to good use as we close on a condo that needs a complete gut renovation – posts to come). Why not use my ideas to share with others? Isn’t that what ideas are all about?

Santorini, Greece 2017 – I planned this trip in 6 weeks, and it was the best idea I ever had.

So here we go…I am putting my bouncy ball of a brain into a blog. Sharing the crazy ideas my mind has throughout the day. By the way, for all of those thinking I am nuts and need to be medicated…my ideas tend to be good ones. Here are some of my sporadic ideas that have turned into perfect plans of action:

  1. 2015 (just got engaged) – Came home and told my future husband I wanted to buy our condo we were renting. We were broke and just got engaged (crazy idea). Used our wedding money as our down payment, and over the next two years the value of our home grew by 15%. We sold that condo – and we aren’t so broke anymore.
Even after spending all of our money on a down payment, we still managed to have a wedding (I got a part-time job at a bridal shop and my husband delivered pizza – it was worth it).

2. 2016 – After a night of drinking wine with my girlfriends, I came home and wanted to see if there were hardwood floors under our carpet in our condo. There were! We ripped up the carpet and had new hardwoods in 1.5 hours (it was 2am at that point, and I thought my husband was going to divorce me). They were perfect with no scratches!

Our first real estate investment. It was small, but perfect! Hardwood floors were perfect.

3. 2018 – Finally mustered up the confidence and content to start this blog (hopefully it will pay off).So here we go! Enjoy!katie-signature (2)

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